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Asia Pacific

Felix forayed in the Middle East Market. Being the trading hub of the world, Rak UAE & Dubai’s strategic location gave us a platform through which we advised our clients on the various possibilities of availing projects and trade through the structuring of supply and logistical solutions. Apart from the conventional trading or marketing, we customize the products as per the client’s requirements through more than 15 regional banks and fund houses gives us an edge over others.

We brought to our clients, the concept of establishing businesses overseas and enjoy the benefits in terms of globalization, growth in business, better financing and banking facilities, opportunities to expand into related activities etc.

After a successful work in UAE markets, Felix forayed into the GCC countries (Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar). Having first mover advantage in these countries and owing to our expertise, Felix is able to offer its services to its clients based across the globe and provide them access to best quality products and services with complete solutions and business expansion strategies in the Arab world

Mide East & Gulf Region

Felix has entered the APAC region in depth since the inception. We have offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen. We have cooperated more than 300 factories for different sets of products, services and financial solutions.

In Asia Pacific region, its relationships with large infrastructure contractors and big scale suppliers and our ability to advise our Clients as per the requirements has put us on the fore front of Sourcing Advisory services. Before the strategic sourcing of best quality products, with our expertise in due diligence in detail, we visit and verify every details of the history of suppliers and transactions to bring long term success through partnership. We cater consultancy solutions in the markets of India, China, Indonesia and Malaysia as well.


Africa has been the core and one of the most strategic locations for Felix. We are providing marketing solutions to our clients in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. We are focused on promoting business houses to set up manufacturing facilities in the continent as well as for expanding trade links between various geographies and Africa.

Felix Africa story started few years back and we have worked with our clients for the largest oil refinery developed by Dangote Group for sourcing of steels. With our partner coverage in African Market, we are poised to provide unique Banking solution for clients for Trade and Project Finance in Africa.

During the course of time Felix has been able to develop close working relationship with banks/financial institutions/multilateral institutions/development finance institutions in several countries of Africa.

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