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Marketing Consulting

Felix started its Project Management & Marketing Consultancy division with the intention to bring global expertise and securing projects to its global clients who today include various large corporates, government regulated entities, public sector units, first class turnkey contractors, project suppliers from different geographies of the world.

With deep expertise from 10 different countries, we are on the path of expansion to increase the country coverage to 20 countries in the coming three years. We have developed relationships with mega projects developers in Oman, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and other countries to achieve this vision.

Our major strength lies in setting up the right strategic partners for developers of large scale infrastructures projects. Partners have worked with us for supplying engineering, procurement, construction, technological services, project finance etc. This has helped us to secure and execute the projects in different sectors, particularly in Industrial Infrastructure.

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